East Gymnastics Development classes are for children who have reached a certain level of skill, strength and flexibility. Classes are 1.5 hours and incorporate a substantial amount of strength and flexibility exercises. Skills are more advanced than in recreational classes, with a greater focus on correct technique, body tension and positioning.

For advanced children who have progressed through our Junior gym program we offer a 1 hour Pre-development class. From age 7 our advanced gymnasts move onto Development 1 or 2. We also run a Development Boys class for our advanced boys.

Example skills include:

  • Floor – backward walkovers, round-offs, back handspring
  • Beam – cartwheels, handstands, backward walkovers
  • Bars – pullovers, glides, back-hip circles
  • Vault – handstand-flatback, dive rolls, front handsprings, somersaults

East Gymnastics Development classes are by invitation only. If you feel your child has the ability to go straight into this level please contact us for an assessment.


This 1 hour class is for children age 5-6 showing particularly good strength, flexibility and focus. After a year or so in this class these gymnasts usually progress to our Development Stage 1 class.


These 1.5 hour classes offer a progression path for our talented gymnasts progressing from our recreational classes or for new gymnasts with prior gymnastics experience.


Our program for advanced boys follows a men’s gymnastics program focusing on rings, parallel bars, floor, pommel, vault and bars.