Our Kindergym toddler and pre-school classes (Mini Gym Explore, Mini Gym Stages 1 and 2, Junior gym 1 and 2) introduce gymnastics through an early-childhood approach. We use play-based, themed classes to nurture children’s physical movement, social interactions, brain and language development, imagination and listening/following skills. We foster a growth mindset, teaching perseverance, practice and a willingness to embrace challenges. Class sizes are capped at 6-7 per coach, ensuring children are closely supervised and are continually moving.

Your child will learn fundamental gymnastic skills, cover key school readiness requirements AND develop safer, positive play at home and in the playground. Your child will have LOTS of fun while learning gymnastics and so much more!

Some of the benefits of gymnastics at this age are:

  • Strength, flexibility and co-ordination transferable to any other sport or life experience
  • Learning to focus, listen to instructions and wait their turn
  • Improvement in both fine and gross motor skills
  • Working through/managing fears and developing a growth mindset
  • Social skills such as team-work, co-operation, waiting turns
  • Building confidence and self pride

At East Gymnastics we follow a comprehensive term by term program relevant to each age group. Children progress through our Stages based program at their own pace. Every fortnight we introduce a new theme e.g. space or circus, and use fun props and language to bring our classes to life.

Gymnastics is the perfect foundation sport for both children who are active and want to learn new skills safely, and those who are tentative and need to build confidence and core strength.


Mini Gym Explore (age 1-2) or Mini Gym Stage 1 (age 2-2.9) is a fantastic starting point for your child to learn gymnastics. Both classes involve full parent/carer and child interaction. The instructors allow time for guided exploration with the circuits set up including floor, beam, bars and trampoline. Each class includes a fun theme and a song with actions for your little one to learn. Mini Gym Explore uses a structured set of circuits, but we don’t have high expectations at this age of children listening or following. This is the best class for those with a short attention span or a love of exploring! From Mini Gym Stage 1, we start to teach the children to sit and listen to instructions, and to follow the circuit with the assistance of their grown up. It’s amazing how quickly most children can learn this skill.

We use an understanding of child development and milestones to ensure our program is learning in an age appropriate way. Each class focuses on both fine and gross motor skills, listening and following instructions, songs and rhythm, and social skills such as taking turns and sharing.

We bring gymnastics and movement to life with fortnightly themes, fun props, toys and imaginative worlds. One week we might be crawling through the jungle like a tiger and in another, sailing on our pirate ship looking for lost treasure…

Example skills include:

  • Walking, crawling and jumping on beams of varying heights (low, medium, high)
  • Forward rolls on the floor, down a foam “wedge” and rolling over a foam cylinder
  • Hanging and swinging on the bars and rings
  • Jumping on the trampoline and mini tramp onto a crashmat, learning how to land in “motorbike”
  • Activities with balls, hoops and bean bags

Class size: 6 children per coach
Duration: 45 mins


Mini gym Stage 2 (age 2 and 9 months to 3.5) also involves parent and child interaction with instruction from a coach, but as the term/year progresses parents will start to step back as the children grow to learn and follow instruction on their own.

Stage 2 involves slightly more structured circuits whereby the group of children stays on one apparatus (focused learning on skills) before moving as a group to the next station. This more structured approach prepares the children for moving on to a Junior Gym class on their own.

Example skills include:

  • Spider handstands, backward rolls over a cylinder, forward rolls
  • Bear walks on parallel bars, monkey walks on the high/low bar
  • Jumping jacks and tuck jumps on trampoline
  • Chin hold and swings on rings/trapeze
  • Walking over obstacles on the beam, starting to walk unassisted on low beams

Class size: 6 children per coach
Duration: 45 mins


Junior Gym, from ages 3.5 to 5 (or until starting school) follows on from Mini gym in its developmental objectives. This class is a drop-off class involving just the children and the instructors. We believe that early childhood movement patterns and listening skills learnt in Kindergym programs assist with a child’s progress and potential for learning later on in life when they get to school.

In this class, we build confidence and allow the children to take ownership and pride in what they have learnt, for example, they may want to demonstrate their skill to the others in class. We start to see more independent movements without the assistance of a coach e.g. walking across the beam in different directions, or monkey walks across the high bar without a coach holding their weight. Most of all, we always have FUN! We are amazed at how much this age group can learn e.g. we have some children already doing complex cartwheels and chin up pullovers.

Example skills we focus on:

  • Beam: Walking forwards and backwards on the low and high beam
  • Floor: Rolls, handstands and cartwheels
  • Vault/tramp: Jumps, landings
  • Bars: swings, monkey walks, forward rolls

Class size: 7 children per coach
Duration: 45 mins and 1 hour class options