Our Recreational gymnastics classes are for children age 5 to 16. Children are grouped by age and ability and progress through our skills based Stages. Despite not being a competitive program we take our gymnastics very seriously and ensure the children are learning correct techniques with proper gymnastics “shaping”. That said, we are also very serious about having fun! Your child will improve their strength, co-ordination and flexibility, while also learning the benefits of perseverance, overcoming challenges and fears.

Class sizes are capped at 8 children per coach to ensure close supervision. Classes are always fun and incorporate circuits to ensure all children are constantly active and engaged.

Each class begins with a games-based warm up, including a focus on shapes/strength and flexibility. The class then rotates through a variety of apparatus (bars, floor, vault/trampoline, beam) to learn skills based exercises.

At East Gymnastics we follow a comprehensive and progressive Stage based program working towards strength outcomes, flexibility and skill acquisition relevant to each age group/skill level. We regularly report on progress to children and parents.


To assist with grouping children by both age and ability we offer the following classes:

Recreation age 5-6

These classes are for school age boys and girls age 5-6 whether they are new to gymnastics or already experienced. With several classes running simultaneously for this age group, we will divide our gymnasts into the most appropriate group for their ability. For an absolute beginner we recommend our 45 minute age 5-6 class.

Recreation age 7-8/9-12 (transition)

These classes are for children who are new to gymnastics or are still consolidating the basics. We will work across all apparatus and progress the gymnasts onto harder skills as soon as they are ready. Age 7-8 classes include both boys and girls; after age 8 we separate boys into a boys only class (see Recreation Boys 8-12 below).

Recreation age 7-8/9-11 (intermediate)

These classes are for gymnasts who have already been with East Gymnastics or another club and have mastered the basics. These gymnasts should be able to demonstrate all their shapes, cartwheels, handstands, bridges, walks on high beam, swing on the bars etc.

Recreation age 7-8/9-10/10+ (advanced)

Advanced classes are by invitation for our current gymnasts who are ready to progress to a higher Stage in our program.

Recreation boys age 8+

These all boys classes are for beginner/intermediate boys who prefer to be in a class of all boys. These boys classes focus on all the basics such as handstands, rolls, cartwheels as well as a particular focus on strength based activities. Boys who prefer to be in a mixed class are very welcome!

Recreation age 12+

This teenager class assumes prior gymnastics experience and a good grasp of basics e.g. cartwheels, handstands, rolls, bridges. Gymnasts aged 12-13 who are new to gymnastics would be better suited to the age 9-12 transition class.


Example recreation skills include:

  • Floor – forward/backward rolls, handstands, cartwheels, bridges, round-offs
  • Beam – mounts, different walks, turns, handstands, cartwheels
  • Bars – chin ups, front support, swings, pullovers, back-hip circles
  • Vault – straight jump, half turn, handstand flatback, front somersaults, handsprings

Class size: 8 children per coach
Duration: 1 hour


Boys only classes are appropriate for boys aged 8+. These classes focus on men’s gymnastics skills and incorporate apparatus such as rings and parallel bars.

Example exercises include:

  • Floor: handstands, jump full turn, backward rolls, push ups, sit ups, pommel drills
  • Bars: swings, pullovers, chin ups, leg lifts
  • P-bars: under swings, dismounts
  • Vault/trampoline: dive roll, handstand flatback
  • Rings: candle, basket

Class size: 8 children per coach
Duration: 1 hour